Patron: Andy Hamilton MA
The Ladywood Community School of Music
Ladywood Community and Health Centre, St Vincent Street West, Ladywood B16


This Archive is built up from our old "Geocities" website. It has info and pictures from earlier workshops and concerts as well as stuff about some of the teachers and volunteers and backers who helped us so much as we built the School from scratch.



 Specialising in Jazz, Latin American and Blues the Ladywood    Community School of Music aims to provide affordably priced quality musical tuition for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

We currently offer classes on the Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Piano/Keyboards, Guitar, Double Bass and Drums* and students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in our Band development project as well as in Andy Hamiltons Sunday lunchtime concerts at the Drum.

Classes are between 5 and 7 on Thursday evenings, priced £2.00(conc) or £3.00(full).

*We can teach other instruments subject to interest.


Contact details:

e-mail ladywoodmusic@gmail.com

phone Richard on 07905 559 167

or 0121 455 9454


There are features about the Ladywood Community School of Music and Andy Hamilton on the BBC Birmingham website for Black History Month.


Below are pages we posted about some of the tutors who've taught with the Music School. The pages are as they appeared originally, with some updating to the text. Annil Chandra, Naron Litchmore and Paul Foad still teach with us, while Andy Hamilton and Ashley Sheehan are still around. Just click on the links.

Saxophone (Tutors - Annil Chandra and Andy Hamilton)

Piano/Keyboard (Tutor - Naron Litchmore))

Piano/Keyboard (Tutor - Tom Pace)

Brass (Tutor - Kevin Wedrichowski)

Drums (Tutor - Ashley Sheehan)

Violin (Tutor - Frances Bridges)

Guitar (Tutor - Paul Foad)




We have funding for a two year Band Development Programme. to find out more follow the link.

The first Concert in the programme was held at the Ladywood Community and Health Centre on Saturday 13th December at 7.30pm.

It also featured the band Paradigm Jaunt some of whom teach or help out at the School.



Music School students have had various performance and music workshop opprtunities.

These include concerts put on by the Music School and others including Andy Hamilton's regular Sunday Lunchtime gigs at the Drum in Newtown. Follow the links to see pictires from the various events.

Drawing by Savannah Davis


As well as the BBC Website's Black History Month feature the Music School has had a great illustrated centre spread in the Spring 2002 issue of Look Into Ladywood.


Our first homepage went up in April 2001. Here we have an update for a concert in November and a redesign from April 2002. Some content has been removed, but it gives you an idea of th what we were doing and the events we were putting on, along with our old logos, artwork etc.

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