Ladywood Community School of

Founded by Andy Hamilton MBE

Guitar & Saxophone Classes

We currently offer classes in Guitar and Saxophone. If you are interested please get in touch on 07905 559 167 or , or come along to the Community Centre in St Vincent Street West, Ladyood between 6 and 7pm on any Thursday evening during school term times.

We’re looking for a volunteer to do funding applications, and help with the admin and organisation.
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The Ladywood Community School of Music is surviving on a shoestring, the grace of Birmingham City Council and the enduring good will and dedication of our two remaining tutors, Paul and Curtis. We currently run classes in Guitar and Saxophone between 6 and 7 pm on Thursdays at the Community Centre in St Vincent Street.

Xhosa Cole

Our mission is “to bring affordable, quality musical tuition to the heart of Ladywood. We cater for children and adults of all ages and abilities”. In the past we have offered classes in Piano, Drums, Violin and Trumpet and showcased our students and tutors in events at the Community Centre, Birmingham Artsfest, the Botanical Gardens and elsewhere.

As a project we are a place where people often come to pick up an instrument for the first time and, as such, we don’t attract the attention that more high powered projects do. However, students who started with us have gone on to play in their own bands, The Notebenders and even MYJO. Most recently Xhosa Cole, who first picked up a saxophone at our Music School a decade or more ago, won the prestigious BBC Young Jazz Musician of the Year.

Xhosa Cole

We make a difference!

If you think you can help or would like to try, please get in touch by phoning Richard on 07905 559 167 or emailing The video is of an Artsfest event we put on back in 2008, and feature Students, Teachers and people who just came along on the day and picked up an instrument.
As a school we’d like to get back to where we were then.

There's plenty more about us in the old website which I’ve archived, though you may find it doesn’t all work as much of the old HTML 3 & 4 code is deprecated.

Click here to view the old site.