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December ’07 Concert Movie

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This is a half hour showreel from the Concert. Highlights include the Sax students with a rhythm section featuring Timon and Jonathan Price, two of our most advanced students. The Violin students also shone, while a brief performance by piano student, Danlei, showed how much can be achieved in just a few weeks, starting from scratch. The video also includes the clip from the rehearsal the night before because it's good.

Full schedule with start times (so you can scroll along to the bit you want to see):

  1. ABC by Timon and Jonathan - 0min0sec
  2. Bye Bye Blackbird by Curtis with Alvin (Tutor) - 0min22
  3. Isiah Sax solo - 1min51
  4. Danlei Piano solo - 2min 55
  5. Violins:
    1 Ensemble - You Are My Sunshine - 3min27
    2 Makeda, Eloho and Kiki with Junghee (Tutor) - 4min12
    3 Ella with Junghee - 4min54
    4 Adriana - 5min18
    5 Ella - Winter Wonderland - 6min14
  6. Frank (Sax) with David (Piano Tutor) - 6min44
  7. Saxophone Ensemble with Rhythm Section play Watermelon Man - 8min26
  8. Saxes, Rhythm Section with audience on percussion - 17min35
  9. Mambo No 5 in rehearsal featuring Curtis, Steve Mullen and Timon and Jonathan (Students) with Alvin and Ashley and David (Tutors) - 19min07
  10. Mambo No5 in performance - Saxes, Rhythm Section with audience on percussion - 21min52